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What happens at an equine physiotherapy appointment?

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Tell me about your horse

I will always begin by asking you some questions about your horse – initially this may be more in depth to include your horses past medical history and any relevant treatments, their current workload, how they are currently working and if this is different to normal and your goals and plans etc. This allows me to gather such important information about you and your horse, meaning I can tailor my assessment and treatment specifically for you and them.

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Movement Assessment

Ideally then I will always want to see how your horse is moving; this may be walking and trotting in a straight line, walking backwards, moving in a tight circle in all gaits on the lunge. If you don’t have the facilities to allow for this then please don’t worry and no need to be deterred as we will work something out.

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Hands-on Assessment

Once I have gathered further data from my movement assessment I complete my ‘hands on’ palpation assessment. Here I am assessing your horses quality of individual movements, the range of available movement and sussing out any sore spots or abnormalities felt within the soft tissues.

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Specialised Treatment Programme

Once I have gathered all this information from my assessment I will formulate and start your horse with his specialised treatment programme. I have many treatments ideas and tricks in my tool box to help your horse. These include but are not limited too: massage and soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, reflex inhibition, passive stretches, active assisted/baited stretches, joint mobilisations, reflexes, tractions, K-taping, TENS and neuromuscular stimulation and wobble cushion stabilisation work

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Follow up plan

Once I have completed my treatment I will work with you to create a plan to help you achieve your goals and ensure your horse is feeling on top form.

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You and your veterinarian will receive a copy of my report following on from the assessment.  

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How to book

To book an appointment please use the contact us form and complete all information. I will then be in contact with you to book your appointment at an agreed date and time.

Alternatively, please give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you from there.

Veterinary Referral

Prior to all assessments and treatments I will be in contact with your veterinarian to confirm they are happy for me to see your horse – this is nothing to worry about and is just a process I need to complete to comply with The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.


If there are any veterinary practices that would like to refer directly into physiotherapy, please either complete the form on the contact us page or drop me an email or a phone call.

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