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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations within 24 hours of treatment: payment (£65) must be paid in full.

  • Cancellations within 24-48 hours of treatment: 50% of treatment price (£32.50) must be paid in full.

Payment policy:

  • Must be paid in full at time of treatment.

  • Payment options: cash or direct debit into business account.

  • Late payment clause: if payment delayed over 7 days a 10% surcharge will be added to your bill.

  • Follow up appointments may be cancelled/declined if previous invoices are still outstanding.

  • Further action may be taken if fees remain unpaid.

Prices include admin time; gaining veterinary consent, written documentation and veterinary reports and liaising with other required healthcare professionals.

Many insurance companies will cover physiotherapy treatment. Please get in touch with your insurance company to find out if you have physiotherapy cover for your animal. A detailed receipt will be provided for you which can be used to claim on your insurance.

Veterinary Consent:

Anybody can self-refer to physiotherapy, however it is a legal requirement that Veterinary consent is gained prior to any assessment and treatment of your equine. Please get in contact if you have any concerns with your physiotherapist contacting your veterinarian for consent.


All equipment loaned must be returned in the same condition as was initially loaned in. Any loss or damage will incur a full charge of the product.

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